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Cheeley Law Group, LLC and Barnes Law Group, LLC Join Forces

The Cheeley Law Group, LLC and the Barnes Law Group, LLC, headed by Governor Roy Barnes, LLC, have joined forces to create the Women's Talc Project. It will focus on information, education, and highly aggressive litigation to "MAKE IT RIGHT" for the 1000s of women who are the victims of Johnson & Johnson's decision--driven solely by profits--to sell those women a perfumed carcinogen for use in the genital area.  Johnson & Johnson knew that its talc would trans-migrate up the fallopian tubes and into the woman's ovary.   Johnson & Johnson was aware for decades of the 20+ reputable scientific studies linking talk to ovarian cancer.    Join the Women's Talc Project ("WTP") and help us "MAKE IT RIGHT." 

If you need our assistance because of this corporation-induced tragedy, please call us at 1 (844) WTP-TALC or 1 (844) 987-8252.  Listen to Governor Roy Barnes and Monica Pearson talk about the Women's Talc Project.

You can reach the WTP at  If you have any questions, please call us, or email us at info@talcsuitscom


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February 20, 2017 (Bryan County Superior Court):  CLG gets its first verdict as a firm. A jury awarded $15,000,000 to Megan Richards, one of the survivors from the 2015 Ga Southern Nursing student trucking wreck.   The jury also said "yes" to the question of whether punitive damages ought to be levied.   





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$15,000,000 trucking collision

$150,000,000 defective latch

$105,000,000 defective fuel tanks

$90,000,000 defective SUV

$46,000,000 defective seatbelt

$45,000,000 trucking collision

$20,000,000 defective SUV

$15,500,000 road wreck

$9,800,000 civil rights violation

$6,600,000 defective latch

$3,000,000 defective SUV

$1,800,000 foodborne illness

$1,500,000 road wreck

This is a partial listing.   Please read the Attorney Bios for more information.