The Case for Going for It

Study after study after study shows that football coaches should go for it on fourth down. The studies tell us that the statistical probability of success favor going for it rather than punting in most situations. However, coaches rarely make that call. Instead, coaches play it safe and punt.

Most coaches likely could provide justification for each decision to punt based on field position, score, time on the clock, etc. However, the real reason is likely more closely related to the fear of failure outweighing the probability of success. If the coach makes the call to go for it on fourth down with seven yards and fails, he will be lambasted by the media for the next week. Instead, the risk-adverse coach that makes the safe call will avoid scrutiny and ensure job security.

Litigation is not much different. Many lawyers settle (punt) rather than go to trial (go for it). Settlements have their time and place, but not every case is one to settle. Settlements provide control and certainty.  But, by their very nature, settlements demand compromise. The value in taking a case to trial is that it allows for an uncompromised presentation of our clients’ cases to a jury of their peers so that the jurors can award damages as defined by their sense of justice.  

The Cheeley Law Group prides itself in being ready, willing, and able to take your case to trial. We do not compromise or recommend settlement unless it is in our clients’ best interests. If you want an attorney who won’t punt and is willing to go for it with your case, give us a call.