Practice Areas

Ovarian Cancer Talc Cases

Johnson & Johnson ("J & J") has known for decades that its baby powder, which is simply talc powder and perfume, is carcinogenic and substantially increases the risk of ovarian cancer. Over 21 scientific studies have confirmed this link and J & J has admitted under oath of being aware of these studies.  

Trucking and Road Wreck Cases

Eighteen-wheelers are among the most dangerous vehicles on the highway. From fatigue, to drugs, to mechanical inadequacies, large trucks cause many deaths and injuries per year. Car wrecks do too, and Cheeley Law Group, LLC has decades of experience in handling these cases.  

Automotive Defect Cases

Cheeley Law Group lawyers pioneered many of the earliest top Georgia automotive products cases.  From GM fuel tanks and door latches, to Suzuki Samurai rollovers, to unstable and dangerous designs, our lawyers have litigated against every major American and foreign manufacturer.  Bob Cheeley, our founding partner, is also a founding Member of the Attorneys Information Exchange Group, an organization dedicated to sharing information about product defects.  

Foodborne Illness Cases

Foodborne pathogens kill 1000s of Americans each year.  "Bad bugs" like Listeria, E. coli, and Campylobacter cause devastating and lasting injuries.  

Business Torts

Besides the usual breach of contract recoveries, business tort claims and similar remedies are often available for commercial disputes.  Business torts include misrepresentation and fraud, breach of fiduciary duty, unfair and deceptive trade practices, Civil RICO and conspiracy, and tortious interference with contract and prospective business relationships. Remedies for such commercial misconduct may include punitive damages or the attorneys’ fees incurred by the victim of such improper business practices.  The Cheeley Law Group attorneys have all litigated these claims, and Keith Pittman has taught law school seminars about them for more than 10 years.   

General Torts

General torts include the areas of the law where persons injured by others have the ability to recover for those injuries from the wrongdoer, despite the fact that their particular injury may not be addressed by the categories of torts with which so many of us are familiar (like medical malpractice, road wreck cases, etc.).  General torts encompass many wrongs where a person’s private rights have been violated and the law provides a remedy.   

Medical Malpractice Cases

As one of our recent Blogs shows, doctors often do more harm than good.   Medical malpractice is a genuine crisis in the medical community.  The Cheeley Law Group lawyers have handled such cases for decades, and have the right experience to evaluate your case, find the right experts, and prosecute your case at trial.   

Professional Liability

Professional liability, or what is often called malpractice, addresses the responsibility of various professions for injuries caused by their practitioners.  Though medical malpractice is considered a singular area of the law, any professional may be liable for injuries arising from his or her failure to act in the manner appropriate for a particular profession.  The Cheeley Group lawyers are ready to counsel those who have encountered negligent professionals, including accountants, architects, attorneys, dentists, and engineers.