Police: Georgia high school student caused fatal wreck

| Oct 24, 2019 | Car Wreck |

If you drive about an hour northwest of Alpharetta, you will come to the town of Adairsville. The Georgia State Patrol said the Bartow County town was recently the site of a head-on collision in which two people died.

According to GSP, a Chevrolet Tahoe was headed south on Hall Station Road and a Nissan Rogue was traveling in the opposite direction on a weekday evening. The Tahoe, driven by a 17-year-old high school student, crossed into the opposite lane and slammed into the oncoming Nissan.

A 72-year-old Dalton man who was a passenger in the Rogue was killed along with the Tahoe driver, a news report stated.

A Georgia State Patrol spokesperson did not indicate whether the driver of the Nissan was seriously injured in the wreck.

Law enforcement officials said an investigation of the crash is ongoing.

While we don’t yet know why the Tahoe crossed into oncoming traffic, we do know that in many similar crashes at least one of the following factors were involved:

  • Distraction: distracted drivers are typically paying attention to their phones rather than roads or traffic; a dangerous behavior that dramatically increases the likelihood of motor vehicle wrecks, injuries and fatalities.
  • Speed: excess speed reduces the time drivers have to brake, maneuver vehicles safely and react to unexpected events.
  • Impairment: drivers impaired by alcohol or drugs have significantly diminished judgment, reflexes, focus and coordination, all of which make crashes more likely.

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