Seemingly small negligence could lead to big rig issues

| Oct 23, 2019 | Trucking |

Being the victim of a trucking accident can be a terrifying experience. The size that makes them crucial for transporting goods can become a nightmare if they’re not meeting safety standards.

Those trucks must be engineering marvels to handle the transportation of so many goods, but that same marvel can mean danger if they’re not following fundamental requirements. Your accident could stem from negligence that occurred before they ever got close to Alpharetta.

Standardized shipping

Georgia has adopted most federal regulations when it comes to the trucking industry, so the rules of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration typically apply to both interstate and intrastate transport:

Knowing what trucks are liable for when operating on the road can go a long way toward getting compensation following your accident. You could make sure those responsible for failing to enforce safety protocols are required to provide you the financial help you need.