Tips to avoid a motorcycle wreck

| Oct 24, 2019 | Personal injury |

Riding a motorcycle is an escape that many people across the United States enjoy. The freedom and adrenaline rush you receive have made riding a bike one of the most popular options on the road. That said, motorcycle enthusiasts put themselves at risk of injury every time they hop on their bike. It is not a secret that riding a motorcycle can be very dangerous without taking the proper precautions.

Every year thousands of people suffer injuries in motorcycle wrecks. This can range from a significant scrape to a traumatic brain injury. The fatality rate is also very high for those involved in motorcycle wrecks with more than 15,000 deaths between 2015 and 2017. If you want to enjoy riding your motorcycle and avoid a catastrophic wreck, make sure to take the proper steps to ensure a safe experience.

Make yourself easily visible

The way you dress while riding a motorcycle is crucial. Wearing a helmet is necessary to protect your head, but the rest of your attire can help keep you safe as well. Putting on brightly colored clothing can make it much easier for other drivers to see you. Colors such as red and orange make you stand out on a road that likely does not feature too many bright colors. Placing reflective gear on your clothing or bike can help make you easier to spot as well.

In addition to what you wear, you can also take certain precautions while riding to make yourself easier to see. Try to ride in open lanes where you are easily visible. If you have concerns about whether another driver can see you, do not hesitate to honk your horn. Taking these steps to make yourself visible can safeguard you from one of the greatest dangers that motorcyclists face.

Be alert at intersections

The most common type of motorcycle wreck involves another vehicle turning left directly in front of you. This makes intersections one of the most dangerous places that a motorcyclist can be. While you should always be alert when you are riding, this rule of thumb is especially important when you reach an intersection. It is essential to take inventory of your surroundings and have a good understanding of what may be a risk to your safety.

Remember, your motorcycle is considerably smaller than either a car or truck. You do not want to be in a position where you must swerve out of the way of another vehicle that cannot see you. Keep an eye on the signal lights of every car at the intersection and make sure you give other drivers enough room to turn.

Keep an eye out for road hazards

Road hazards are dangerous to any driver. It is shocking how much damage even a small pothole can do to a traditional vehicle. However, when you are riding a motorcycle, road hazards can do a lot more than damage your car. If caught at the wrong angle, even a small amount of debris can toss you from your motorcycle and potentially lead to a severe injury.

This makes it critically important that you are always aware of obstructions. Specifically, keep an eye out for potholes, gravel patches, car parts, puddles and other debris that may have fallen onto the road.