4 Tips to safely share the road with semis

| Nov 7, 2019 | Car Wreck |

Semi-trucks are a common sight on Georgia highways. While they may be necessary for hauling goods and merchandise, driving alongside semis can be intimidating. The sheer size of these trucks can even make them dangerous for other drivers.

Thousands of truck wrecks occur every year, and most of the time, it’s not the truck driver who ends up getting hurt. Semis can inflict serious damage to you and your vehicle in a wreck. As a driver operating a much smaller vehicle, knowing how to share the road with a semi-truck can help prevent serious injury.

1. Pass quickly

Semis often drive at a slower speed than most personal vehicles, so it’s normal that you might pass a few on the road. However, don’t linger as you pass. Semis have several blind spots that might prevent a driver from seeing you as you slowly overtake them. You should pass a semi as quickly and carefully as you are able.

2. Avoid cutting in front of them

On average, semis take nearly twice as long as a smaller vehicle to stop. It can take even longer in bad weather conditions. If you cut in front of a semi after passing them, they won’t have enough time to react to your driving. Rear-end collisions can be deadly for you or other passengers in your vehicle.

3. Give them space for making turns

Whether they’re making a right or left turn, semis need extra space to execute the maneuver. It’s safer for you to pull up behind a semi rather than beside it, even if there is another turn lane available for you.

4. Maintain your distance

When following a semi-truck, make sure you allow a cushion of space between you and the back end of the truck. Not only will this keep you out of the truck diver’s blind spot, but it will give you enough time to react to any potential hazards. Unexpected blown tires can cause serious wrecks. Maintaining a safe distance might decrease your risk of injury.

Truck wrecks can be catastrophic. Remember these safety measures the next time you encounter a semi-truck on the road. They could help you avoid the consequences of a truck wreck.