Not every helmet will protect your safety.

| Jul 15, 2020 | Personal injury |

Helmets can offer significant protection from traumatic brain injuries and other severe damage in a wreck. It is easy to see why Georgia law requires motorcyclists and their passengers to wear a helmet when on the road. However, the protection that those helmets offer can often depend on choosing the right helmet.

The helmet you choose should fit well

Every rider’s head is unique, and it is essential to choose a helmet that fits you well. Be sure to measure your head correctly to determine the size you need and choose a helmet that suits your head shape.

Your helmet should not be loose enough that it moves around when you shake your head or move. It should also not create pressure points or discomfort when you wear it. Instead, it should provide even pressure around your head.

Not all helmets meet safety standards

A wide variety of different helmets are available to you, but some helmets will not offer you the protection required by law. While the law allows stores to sell these helmets, performance testing of these helmets has shown that novelty helmets have very little ability to absorb impacts and protect their users from skull fractures, brain injuries and other harm.

Does your helmet meet federal safety standards?

The federal government has outlined a variety of requirements for helmets under the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard, including the thickness of the padding in the helmet, the weight of the helmet and the quality of the strap and rivets that keep the helmet on riders’ heads. Helmets that comply with this standard will feature a label with the Looking for the U.S. Department of Transportation symbol.

While helmets cannot prevent accidents, choosing the right helmet is an important step toward protecting your health on Georgia’s roadways.