Driver awareness can greatly reduce motorcycle wrecks

| Oct 2, 2020 | Car Wreck |

Many Georgia residents would agree that motorcycles are a fun way to travel. However, many Georgia residents would also agree that motorcycles are very dangerous. While it’s true that some motorcycle wrecks can be the result of inexperience, many wrecks are caused by other drivers on the road. Even the most experienced motorcyclist can be the victim of a fatal crash.

A recent motorcycle wreck in Pierce County left a married couple dead and a driver facing serious charges. The wreck happened at night on Georgia Highway 121 at the intersection of Scuffletown Road. Reports said the couple were riding a motorcycle along Highway 121 approaching an oncoming vehicle that was attempting to make a left turn onto Scuffletown Road. According to reports from the Georgia State Patrol, the vehicle turned into the path of the motorcycle, causing a collision.

Reportedly, the driver of the vehicle fled the scene after the crash. Tragically, the couple on the motorcycle were both killed in the wreck. Officers located the driver of the vehicle a short time later and placed him under arrest. He was charged with first degree vehicular homicide, driving under the influence and driving without a license, among other charges.

Far too many motorcycle wrecks happen simply because the other driver failed to see the motorcycle. Motorcyclists are exposed and vulnerable, which significantly increases the odds of serious injury or death in a wreck. Those in Georgia who have suffered due to negligence in motorcycle wrecks can take action by speaking with an attorney. Successful legal action can help victims and families obtain much-needed financial support.