2 drivers killed in catastrophic motor vehicle wreck

| Nov 13, 2020 | Car Wreck |

Motorists across the state of Georgia should always stay focused and alert behind the wheel. These days, just going for a short drive can potentially result in an accident. Despite updated safety regulations and increased law enforcement efforts, serious and fatal motor vehicle wrecks seem to be rising with each passing year in this state. Recently, a wreck in Atlanta tragically claimed the lives of two drivers.

Apparently, the crash was the result of an alleged escape attempt by a hit-and-run driver. Atlanta police said they received reports just after 11 p.m. of a crash with injuries in the area of Campbellton and El Paso Roads. According to investigation reports, the driver of a pickup truck was involved in a minor wreck nearby on Campbellton Road and fled the scene.

As he continued along the roadway, reports said the pickup truck crossed the centerline and collided head-on with another pickup truck. Reportedly, both drivers had to be freed from the wreckage. Tragically, both drivers perished in the crash, authorities said. A spokesperson with the Atlanta Police Department described the crash as catastrophic.

Traveling and commuting on Georgia’s crowded and congested roadways can be absolutely treacherous. Fatal crashes can happen in a split second and often when least expected. Families in Georgia who have lost loved ones due to negligence in motor vehicle wrecks have the right to pursue recovery of documented monetary damages. By consulting a seasoned litigator and filing a lawsuit, family members could be awarded financial relief to help with mounting medical bills and end-of-life expenses.