Georgia motor vehicle wrecks up in 2020 despite reduced traffic

| Nov 16, 2020 | Car Wreck |

Auto wrecks are a common cause for catastrophic injuries and death throughout Georgia. Law enforcement and traffic agencies keep track of the statistics of these crashes to formulate strategies to make the roads safer. Often, there are misconceptions about the number of collisions that occur and their causes. Recently, there has been a reduction in traffic due to the ongoing health crisis. This has resulted in surprising results for the number of auto wrecks with injuries and fatalities throughout the state. People who have been impacted by motor vehicle wrecks should understand this as they decide how to proceed.

Traffic volume is lower, but fatalities on the road are higher

With the continuing pandemic, the Georgia Department of Transportation reports there has been a 60% decrease in traffic volume across the state. However, less traffic has not resulted in fewer road deaths. The number of deaths has risen substantially since March. It is believed that the increase is because of drivers who are taking part in reckless behaviors because of the decreased traffic.

People are driving while distracted, speeding and not wearing their seatbelts. Law enforcement has issued a far greater number of speeding tickets for drivers who exceed the speed limit by at least 24 mph. This level of speed is a major contributor to the severity of injuries after a crash. The sheer numbers are worrisome. According to Georgia State Patrol, from January to the beginning of November, there were just shy of 1,300 road deaths. This is an increase from 1,269 for that same time frame in 2019. As the holiday season approaches, law enforcement and regulators are encouraging people to be cognizant of the fundamentals of road safety and not to let a clear road tempt them to violate the law and place themselves and others at risk.

Auto wrecks and their aftermath can be life-changing

When there is a wreck and people are injured or lose their lives, there is a domino effect of challenges that can arise. If the victim survives, medical expenses, lost income, needing extensive care and other problems can come up. When there is a fatality, the family will need to grasp the emotional, personal and financial ramifications that accompany an unexpected death. The cause of the crash can be a vital part of pursuing compensation in a legal filing. For help, it is imperative to have competent and experienced legal assistance. A firm with a history of helping people after motor vehicle wrecks can be essential to a successful claim.