When crash compensation is in question, consider the costs

| Nov 24, 2020 | Car Wreck |

After a car accident, a driver might have minimal bruising or regain consciousness while being rushed to the emergency department in an ambulance. The most serious accidents can leave families wondering how to move forward after the wrongful death of a loved one.

When insurance carriers provide fair compensation for motor vehicle accident claims, injured parties probably don’t consider the total costs involved. And although most drivers know suing someone for accident injuries is a possibility, they don’t necessarily understand how expensive a collision can be.

The astounding expense of motor vehicle accidents

In addition to physical recovery are the quickly amounting medical bills, missed work hours and vehicle repairs or replacement.

Georgia requires liability insurance on both owned and leased vehicles. According to state laws, driving without insurance could lead to a criminal record. Doing so also opens the door for a lawsuit, as those affected by negligence behind the wheel have the right to recover financial damages for their losses.

On average, accident costs total:

  • Nearly $9,000 if there are no disabling injuries that result
  • Just short of $79,000 if a crash leaves someone with a disabling injury
  • Almost $1.5 million if the accident leads to the loss of life

Meanwhile, accidents affect more than just individual motorists. Professional drivers completing work-related tasks represent 40% of the more than two million reported accidents in the United States, costing companies upwards of $66 billion each year.

What factors into a claim?

Since the severity of accidents can vary greatly, insurers consider factors such as the extent of vehicle damage, the seriousness of driver and passenger injuries and whether the crash affected the value of real property.

The location in which a crash takes place can also make a difference in compensation. For example, a court in Georgia might determine each driver’s contribution to, or fault in, an incident. However, liability laws may vary across state lines.

A police report from the scene of the accident can substantiate a claim. Meanwhile, an experienced attorney can help injured drivers or, in the case of a fatality, their loved ones, understand how to get what they deserve.