Fatigued or distracted driving can cause fatal truck wrecks

| Jan 5, 2021 | Trucking |

The major highways that crisscross the state of Georgia are heavily utilized by tractor-trailers. Traveling alongside these massive vehicles is a daily occurrence for most drivers in this state. Even though truck drivers are required to undergo special training and obtain special licenses, they often drive hundreds of miles a day and fatigue becomes a problem. When truck drivers lose focus for just a split second, they can cause truck wrecks that could have catastrophic consequences.

Recently, the Georgia Department of Public Safety (DPS) issued a warning about the dangers of fatigued or distracted driving. It shared a staggering image of a tractor-trailer that was destroyed almost beyond recognition in a recent crash. Apparently, the truck crashed into a bridge support and most of the cargo had spilled around the wreck site. Authorities did not give any additional details about the time or location where the crash occurred.

However, several people on social media said the wreck happened south of Atlanta. Allegedly, the accident was the result of distracted or fatigued driving. The Georgia DPS captioned the photo with a warning that distraction and fatigue can kill. Reportedly, nearly 1,000 users have shared the photograph and over 1,400 people have reacted to it.

The massive size of tractor-trailers makes these trucks very dangerous for motorists in smaller passenger vehicles. Although truck drivers undergo extensive training, they can and will make mistakes. When truck wrecks caused by negligence result in injuries or death, victims and families in Georgia have the right to take legal action and contact a legal representative. If negligence is proved, a successful lawsuit could result in substantial compensation to help victims and families get through this traumatic experience.