Pedestrian wrecks are a serious threat on Georgia’s roads

| May 3, 2021 | Car Wreck |

While we may not think about it, we are all pedestrians at some point. Of course, if you are walking somewhere, you are a pedestrian. However, even if you are just crossing the street or walking through a parking lot, you are a pedestrian. Being a pedestrian in Georgia carries some risks, as it is always possible that a car will strike you, causing serious injuries or even death.

Pedestrian safety: the statistics

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in 2019 alone just over 6,200 pedestrians in the U.S. lost their lives in an auto-pedestrian wreck. To put it another way, in 2019 a pedestrian was killed every 85 minutes in an auto-pedestrian wreck. These statistics are concerning, as pedestrians are especially vulnerable to injuries or death if struck by a car. After all, no human is a match for an automobile weighing several thousand pounds or more.

Safe driving tips for motorists

There are steps motorists can take to avoid auto-pedestrian wrecks. First, motorists should always be on the look out for pedestrians in their vicinity, especially at night or if it is rainy or foggy as this can make it difficult to see. When making a turn or entering a crosswalk, motorists should reduce their speed and be prepared to stop if there is a pedestrian crossing the street. Motorists must also yield to a pedestrian’s right-of-way in crosswalks. Finally, speeding, especially in school zones and neighborhoods, should be avoided as should drunk driving.

Learn more about auto-pedestrian wrecks

Auto-pedestrian wrecks can be catastrophic. It is up to motorists to ensure they are driving safely when pedestrians are present. Doing so can help avoid a potentially fatal wreck. Those who want to learn more about auto-pedestrian wrecks can explore our firm’s website for further information.