False Arrests And Imprisonment

Restitution For Individuals Held Against Their Will

The phrases “false arrest” and “false imprisonment” can be confusing for many people, often triggering images of police officer misconduct. More realistically, victims of false imprisonment and arrest often suffer at the hands of retail operations. If a store holds you against your will, you may have a claim for false arrest.

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What Is False Arrest?

You walk through a store planning on purchasing a new piece of clothing or a toy. You purchase an item, and, as you leave, a store employee comes to you and pulls you into a side room. There, they accuse you of theft and keep you there. They say that if you do not pay for the items you stole, you will go to jail. They proceed to hold you against your will until an employee finally says they don’t know if you stole anything at all. This is a commonplace example of false imprisonment.

False imprisonment is intentionally holding someone against their will when there is no legal authority to detain the person in question. False imprisonment can lead to long-term physical or mental injury. False imprisonment is also frequently committed in conjunction with assault and battery. You can get compensation for your pain.

You Can Get Restitution And Justice

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