Bicyclist and Pedestrian Wrecks

Making Roads And Sidewalks Safer For Bicyclists And Pedestrians

Atlanta commuters have one of the most expensive and timely commutes on average in the country. It is not a surprise that so many Georgians are turning to alternative transportation when possible; as a result, the number of bicyclists and pedestrians is on the rise. Unfortunately, over 65% of bicyclists feel unsafe on the roads, and their fears are well-reasoned.

If you are injured while on a bike or when walking, Cheeley Law Group is ready to stand by your side. Cyclists and pedestrians suffer significantly when injured on the road; we take your case as seriously as you do. Schedule a consultation today.

Long-Lasting Injuries Are The Direct Result Of Bicyclist And Pedestrian Wrecks

Your body stands little chance against a moving vehicle. A car or truck simply has more force and mass. When a biker or pedestrian is caught in the midst of a crash, their injuries are very likely to be severe and may take weeks or months to fully manifest. Common examples of injuries are:

  • Compound fractures and other bone injuries requiring surgical intervention
  • Muscle and tendon damage, including internal bleeding and open wounds
  • Head injuries leading to substantial cognitive damage or loss of motor control
  • Severe spinal damage leading to paralysis

After these wrecks, you may require substantial medical attention or even lifelong care. These medical expenses are just that — expensive. Our firm helps hold inattentive or reckless drivers accountable for the injuries they cause.

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